Flexibility and Strength Classes

Co-Ed, Ages 14 and up

  • Stretch:  Take time out for yourself in this class that will increase your flexibility and relax your mind. *monthly series  *55 minutes  *No weight limit  *Coed  *$10 per class for a series  (Drop ins $12)
  • Deep Tissue Foam Rolling:  Students will learn Self Myofacial Release (SMR) through the use of foam rollers and rubber balls.  As an experienced trainer, Drew will walk you though a series of tension release exercises much like a deep tissue massage to help increase flexibility, range of motion and muscular function.  All parts of the body can be foam rolled, but certain areas will be more intense, such as the IT band and glutes.  Students will also work on trigger-point release with the rubber balls, creating an even greater release for more troublesome areas, such as the lower back and upper shoulders.  This is an excellent class for students for both men and women. *monthly series  *55 minutes  *No weight limit  *Coed  *$10 per class for a series  (Drop ins $12)