Pricing:  Classes are $17 per class when you sign up for an entire session of a class.  Can’t sign up for a full month?  Drop into a class for $20.  (Technique classes typically run for 1 month, so the total cost will vary on the number of weeks in that month.  Choreography classes run for 10 weeks)

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Prerequisites:  Ages 18 and up.  None for Exotic I. Students must have completed a 4-5 week session of EI or 8-10 weeks of Pole I, in order to advance to EII.  To Advance to EIII, student must have completed  4 months of EII.  EIV is by invitation only.

  • Exotic I Technique: This series focuses on the art of exotic dance and striptease. Students are introduced to the art of exotic dance, striptease, and “floor work.” All of the skills make an easy transition for steaming things up with your partner or just building your confidence. *monthly sessions *55 minutes * No weight limit
  • Exotic II Technique: Builds on your sensual moves by introducing “walk work”, “prop work”, additional floor work and stripping techniques. *monthly sessions *55 minutes * No weight limit  
  • Exotic II, III, IV Choreography: Builds on your sensual moves by introducing “walk work,” more stripping techniques, and more advanced floor moves as you progress through the Exotic program. Each level teaches a choreographed routine using the exotic skills learned during the session. *10 week session *55 minutes * No weight limit