Kids Page

The Phoenix Dance Studio started instructing kids during the summer 2012 with a special camp designed to teach basic skills and techniques on the aerial silks and lyra.  After a second successful year with camp, the studio introduced a weekly class where kids could strengthen and build on their skills and abilities.  Check out our schedule or contact the studio for details on how your child can learn to fly!

Click on the picture below to view of a video compilation of what your child could be learning at The Phoenix Dance Studio!

Benefits to aerial program:

  • AERIAL CAMP PHOTO MONTAGEImproved body awareness and control
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Increased self esteem with mastery of skills
  • Improved cognitive process (i.e. figuring out how moves combine into combinations, learning choreography, etc.)
  • Unique aerial apparatus allow for sustained interest and involvement- they want to keep coming!
  • Social Interaction