Special Dates and Events

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  • Video Shoots:  May 10, 6:30pm and May 12, 1:00pm.  It’s time to show off everything you’ve learned this session!  If you have taken a choreography class and want to video your routine, please sign up in advance to hold your spot.  Remember spaces are limited on Thursday nights.  Not videoing?  Come hang out and enjoy the show.  We love an audience and you can see how amazing your fellow students are!
  • Flexibility Workshop with Rachel Talbert:  Saturday, June 2, 12:30pm $48  Participants will decide the focus of this stretch session:  splits, back, or approaches for advance overall flexibility.
  • Aerial Kids’ Show:  June 9, 1:00 and 3:00pm. Enjoy some shenanigans at our show made just for kids!  Routines performed by students, instructors and group performances from our Kids’ Aerial II Class.  Characters from favorite children’s stories show up as well!  Tickets are $5 (maximum $20 per family).
  • Workshops with Caitlyn:  Saturday, July 8, Look for more details coming soon!