Student Policies

If you are taking a series and miss a class, we try our best to find a different class for a makeup so you aren’t out that payment.  A few things to remember.
1.  Students have one make-up per monthly series. Your makeup has to be done within the series, so if you are taking class series for the month of October, the makeup has to take place in October.  It will not transfer to the next month.
2. You can make up in any class that is level appropriate for you.  That means if you are taking Pole I, you are welcome to make up in Silk I, Lyra I etc.
3. If a class is not running, or if a class is full, you will not be able to use it for your make up.
4.  You can not use practice time as your make up.
5.  Although we try very hard to find a makeup that fits your schedule, it is not guaranteed.  Remember that we offer a drop in option, so if you know you will miss in advance, take advantage of that second, more flexible option.


PRACTICING:  For your safety, please only work on moves you have already learned in classes.  Trying new moves when practicing on your own or without someone who knows how to spot effectively can potentially create a dangerous situation.  If you are interested in a new move, contact your instructor-maybe they can teach it in class!  Or if you want to move a long at a faster pace, consider a private session.
RIGGING:  Especially when renting practice time, please note the safety rules posted in each studio.  None of the rigging should be altered by anyone other than a qualified staff member.  Please ask a staff member to help if you have any questions regarding rigging and always use a mat!
STUDIO INFORMATION AND UPDATES:  Periodically we have to make changes to the schedule or provide information to our students. We prefer to use Facebook for these updates to prevent inundating your inbox!