The Phoenix Dance Studio

Create Your Own Routine

Do you have an interest in creating your own routine? This summer opportunity is just the place to let your vision and creativity take flight.
There are two options for structuring your time and the space in which to create your own routine, with the potential to perform in the Summer Showcase.

OPTION 1: If you need more weekly accountability, sign up for a Create Your Own practice series this summer! We will be offering the series on two different nights: Studio  B (the high aerial ceilings) at 7:10pm on Wednesday evenings and Studio A (the pole studio) at 6:45pm on Thursdays.  Each series will run for 10 weeks. Participating in the Create Your Own Routine series does not require your participation in the Summer Showcase.  If your routine isn’t finalized and clean, you can continue to work on and perfect it for performance at a later time.  If this is your preferred option, remember to register for the time slot to save your space.  Submitting your form, does not register you for the practice series.

OPTION 2: Sign up for any of the existing open practice sessions, or ask us about additional slots.  This will allow you flexibility to book your own practice times, but requires you to be proactive and we cannot guarantee your choice of days and times.

If all of this sounds exciting, you have a song and an idea- you are ready to begin, fill out the Summer Showcase 2023 Submission form.  Please take care to read all of the information, so you are well informed and understand all the requirements.  The sooner you fill out the form, the more likely you will get your first song choice.

The form will stay on the website throughout the summer in order for you to refer back to it for and reminders you may need about the details and dates.