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Choreography FAQ’s

Choreography Class FAQ's

Choreography classes are 10-session classes in which students learn a dance routine pre-choreographed to a song.  During the class, you will learn the skills and choreography. Emphasis is made on learning the skills behind making a dance “performance ready.” Students have the option to record their routine during scheduled video shoots (more on that below) but that is not mandatory.  Choreography classes are a great way to build endurance, improve dance sequence flow, and learn the nuances of perfecting a performance piece.

The choreography series usually have some extra weeks built into the sessions. Those “extra” class dates might be used in the event of inclement weather, or a teacher’s absence. If, at the end of the series, there are still extra dates left before the video shoots, instructors may offer the option to run class on those dates (for the choreography class price registration fee of $18). Alternatively, the extra dates may end up being opportunities to practice your routine (without instruction). Practices are $15.

Choreography classes can be made-up within the scheduled choreography series, prior to video shoots.  It is not a good idea to save your make-ups until the end because the opportunities to make-up become limited. You can make up missed choreography classes in the same choreography series that are running on other days of the week or in level-appropriate technique classes. You may not make up missed class in practice time or to attend any additional “extra” sessions scheduled for the choreography class (described above). 

At the end of each choreography series, students have the opportunity to have a recording of their dance “performance.” Typically, video shoots are scheduled on a Thursday night and during the day on a Saturday. Those dates are pre-determined each session and can be found in the choreography description on the enrollment page in MindBody.  Video shoots are $30 per routine, and pre-registration is required. Thursday night shoots have limited enrollment. Look out for notices from instructors and the newsletter indicating that videos shoot enrollment is open through MindBody. 

Each video shoot enrollment entitles you to record the dance routine twice and receive one edited digital copy of your preferred take. Editing includes dubbing the song over the performance video as well as other bonuses like a title slide, introductory credits, and enhanced production quality. The studio is set up with special lighting, curtains, etc. on the day of recording. Most of the time, the choreography instructor is present to help guide students as needed. 

Students may choose to have digital edited copies of both their takes for an additional $10 fee.

Occasionally, students may want their two takes spliced at different parts to capture the best parts of both recordings. In the case of relatively simple splice requests, this is an option for an additional $20 paid to directly to the editor.

Our staff take pride in providing you with the best product. Patience is appreciated when waiting to receive your digital dance recording. Turnaround time varies based on staff availability, number of participants, and time of year. Having the videos is a great way to mark your progress over your aerial journey. 

Yes! You must sign up prior to the shoot hold a space for your preferred day.  If you wait until the last minute, you may be unable to shoot on the day of your choice.  

No problem! That is not a required part of the choreography series.  We hope you will hang out with us on video shoot day. It’s a great opportunity to learn about different apparatus, cheer on your fellow students as they perform, and get to know our Phlock.  Many people bring snacks and/or drinks to share (or not!) and enjoy the show!

The studio has a photographer scheduled for most (not all) video shoots. Having still shot photos of your dance costs an additional fee of $10 and requires pre-enrollment. Photography is not guaranteed for every choreography series video shoot, and payment is due directly to the photographer. The studio will share more information about enrollment and payment as video shoot date approaches. Photos are shared digitally at the same time as your final edited digital video.

Videos are edited and returned to you via the email address on file.  Please make sure your email is up to date in your contacts.

Now for the fun stuff!

 All routines have a certain feel, along with the perspective of each of the performers.  We suggest finding something that fits your comfort level, the style of the song, and your apparatus.  If you need suggestions or help finding options, just ask your instructor.  

This runs the gamut!  For instance, those in burlesque may really glam it up in the hair and make-up department.  Some folks, want to be sportier and may do a little less.  However, we do suggest using more make-up than is typical, to accentuate your features for the camera.

Some students choose to use a stage-name for their Phoenix Dance Studio productions! If you choose to use a stage-name feel free to find one that expresses your dance alter-ego, your inner dance goddess, or just go with something that makes you laugh.