The Phoenix Dance Studio

I’ve never signed in and haven’t visited The Phoenix Dance Studio before.

I've never signed in and haven't visited the Phoenix Dance Studio before.

To create a new account on our Mindbody site, follow these steps:

1. On the registration page, enter your email address in the “Create an Account” section, then click Next.

2. In the Create an Account screen, enter your contact information and any required info marked with and asterisks.  This includes the liability waiver, and create a username and password.

*The subscription options allow you to select what you’d like to receive from The Phoenix Dance Studio.  The auto emails are sorted into the following categories:

-Account Management:  Update notifications regarding your account such as payment method, etc.

-Reminders and schedule changes: Schedule updates and notifications regarding the services you have booked.

-News and Promos: Marketing communications from our studio including our monthly newsletter.

-If you check the “Text” box, be sure to provide your mobile number and provider receive these notifications.

3. Click Create Account