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Aerial dance uses apparatus (pole, silks, and lyra) to learn climbing, spins, holds, inverts and beautiful poses to improve strength and fitness while gaining body awareness and dance skills.

Technique classes are scheduled on a monthly basis and are used to teach appropriate level skills and techniques.  This class includes a warm-up, instruction of various skills and transitions.  Class can also consist of small routines and improvisation to practice fluid combinations and repetitions of moves to gain mastery.

Choreography classes are typically 10 week sessions.  Each class will lead you through a warm-up and instruction of skills (spins, poses, transitions).  You will then learn a choreographed routine that you will then have the opportunity to video.  *Please note:  It is not mandatory that you video your routine.  Videoing is an opportunity for those interested in documenting their progress and to also take home and share.

As a Beginner you can take any classes marked with a “I” (i.e. Pole I, Silks I, etc.). Please pay attention to the age pre-requisites.

Our classes run in two formats:  Monthly classes and Choreography classes.  Our Monthly classes always start at the beginning of the month and run for that full month barring holidays etc.  Classes can range from 2 weeks to 5 weeks depending on how many days are in that specific month or instructor availability.  Most of the styles we offer are $17 per class times the number of weeks in that month.  Monthly classes also offer a drop in option, providing there is space.  A drop in is $20.  Some exceptions may apply.
Our Choreography classes are longer to allow for a full routine to be taught.  These classes run in a 10 week session culminating in a video shoot for those interested.   We offer Fall and Winter/Spring sessions.  During the summer we offer a Create your own routine class culminating in a Summer showcase at the end of August.  Choreography and Create classes are also $17 per week times the number of weeks in that series.We also offer Private and semi private lessons where you pick the day and time as well as the style of dance you want to work on.

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