The Phoenix Dance Studio


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to The Phoenix Dance Studio!  This page is dedicated to answering all the questions you may have about taking classes with us.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact via email or phone.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

What is Aerial dance?  Aerial dance uses apparatus (pole, silks, lyra, and more!) to learn climbing, spins, holds, inverts and beautiful poses to improve strength and fitness while gaining body awareness and dance skills.

What is a technique class?  Technique classes are scheduled on a monthly basis and are used to teach appropriate level skills and techniques.  This class includes a warm-up, instruction of various skills, techniques, and transitions.  Class can also consist of small routines and improvisation to practice fluid combinations and repetitions of moves, to gain mastery.

What is a choregraphy class?  Choreography classes are typically 10 week sessions.  Each class will lead you through a warm-up and instruction of skills (spins, poses, transitions).  You will then learn a choreographed routine that you will then have the opportunity to video.  *Please note:  It is not mandatory that you video your routine.  Videoing is an opportunity for those interested in documenting their progress and to also take home and share.

What Classes can I take?  As a Beginner you can take any classes marked with a “I” (i.e. Pole I, Silks I, etc.). Please note some classes have age pre-requisites.

When I sign up for a class how often do I come? Our classes run in two formats:  Technique classes and Choreography classes.  Our Technique classes run continuously barring holidays, special events, etc. 

Our Choreography classes are longer to allow for a full routine to be taught.  These classes run in a 10 week session culminating in a video shoot for those interested.   We offer Fall and Winter/Spring sessions.  During the summer we offer a Create your own routine class culminating in a Summer showcase at the end of August. 

We also offer Private and semi private lessons where you pick the day and time as well as the style of dance you want to work on.

How do I sign up?  Just click on the Register link on the navigation bar, or the Register tab on the homepage or just click here.

Should I preregister for a class?  Drop-ins are welcome in all of our technique classes but preregistration is strongly encouraged to ensure your spot.  Conversely, a class may not run if there aren’t enough participants.

How difficult are classes? All of our beginner classes are designed to develop fitness, balance, poise, and to become more self aware, and dance more musically.  Skills are taught and reviewed to gain mastery, while building strength and endurance.  Anticipate that the class will provide some challenge in any of these areas but that you will show constant improvement overall.

What should I wear?  Whatever feels comfortable!  Fitted clothing is recommended for all classes. Yoga pants and leggings are best for our aerial classes. Shorts are helpful in our pole classes. Feel free to where layers.  Students will be bare foot for all lower level classes.

What are your floor-based classes? We offer floor classes such as lyrical, exotic, burlesque, and lap dance. These styles are offered intermittently throughout the year and allowing students to increase their confidence off the apparatus. Exotic, burlesque, and lap dance are 18 and up.

What should I bring to class?  The most important thing is to bring a positive attitude.  Taking this class may be something new, exciting, and daring for you.  We are here to support each other and enjoy the experience.

Where can I find the schedule of classes?  The calendar of classes can be found here.

Do I have to do the video shoot?  You are not required to do the student showcase or shoot a video.  However, if you choose not to perform, at least come and support!  This will allow you to get a feel for how the video shoots are run, support your fellow classmates, meet students from other classes, and just have fun.

Can I take private lessons?  You can take private lessons or semi-private classes. Lessons can be scheduled via email and are subject to instructor and space availability.  Click here to see the pricing.

Can I rent floor space for practice? You may rent practice time to use the studio for $15 per hour (depending on staff and space availability).  All students must sign a practice waiver. We cannot guarantee private practice time.  (PRACTICE SAFETY INFORMATION For your safety, please only work on apparatus and moves from your current classes.  Trying new moves when practicing on your own or without someone who knows how to spot effectively can potentially create a dangerous situation.  If you are interested in a new move, contact your instructor-maybe they can teach it in class!  Or if you want to move a long at a faster pace, consider a private session.)

What if I can’t make it to all the classes? You have 1 make up day pass for our technique classes per month. Makeups must be done within that month and can be done in any level appropriate class that is of equal or lessor value. While we will do our best to find a space for you, we can not guarantee a spot.

What is the age range of participants?  Our students range from 7-70 and come from all walks of life.  The median age is between 30-45.  Pole has an age restriction of 18 and up and our Aerial classes are 14 and up. Our kids classes are ages 7-13.

Are there any restrictions? Pole, Exotic, Burlesque and Lapdance have an age restriction of 18 and up. Aerial and lyrical classes are 14 and up. Kids classes are ages 7-13. Most of our classes are co-ed. We offer several classes and workshops that are ladies only.

If you still have questions- give us a call or e-mail our Program Director, Erica at