The Phoenix Dance Studio



Classes Offered


Pole classes are a great way to build upper body and core strength as you learn how to spin, climb, and invert. As you progress and continue to build on your skill set, students are challenged with more powerful ways to invert and descend, making spins more dynamic, as well as, improving floor based dance transitions.


Lyra classes allow you to build strength, balance, and grace as you learn moves and transitions in the aerial hoop. Students progress from mounting and posing on the bottom of the lyra into beautiful sequences in the middle lyra. As skill level improves, students move to the top of the hoop for more daring sequences, rolls and drops.


Suspend your body from flowing fabric as you build your core, improving balance and fluidity of movement as you wrap and unwrap yourself in yards of silk. Students build strength and endurance as they learn longer and more intricate sequences that have you wrapping and threading to create beautiful transitional poses and heart pounding drops.


Can’t choose between silks and lyra? This class offers the opportunity to learn on both apparatus! You may focus on on silks one week, lyra the next, or you may do a little of both. This class is great for building your strength and endurance through cross training.

Rotational Classes

The Phoenix offers various special classes throughout the year. These include Exotic, Burlesque, Rope, Pole Cardio, Conditioning, Lyrical and much more. These are great opportunities to try out a new apparatus or style of dance. Keep updated by signing up for our Newsletter, checking out our calendar, and liking us on Facebook.


The Phoenix offers several workshops throughout the year. These can include guest instructors who challenge you in different ways or just special opportunities to try something new. Keep updated by signing up for our Newsletter, checking out our calendar, and liking us on Facebook.

Choreography Classes

In each of apparatus styles, Level II and up offer the opportunity to learn a choreographed routine during a 10 week session. These classes offer the opportunity to not only build endurance and strength but to also improve overall dance technique as you learn to focus on small details and master expressive dance flows.


Looking for a fun night out with the ladies? Try one of our Parties! Great for Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Sororities, and more. Choose your day and time, what style or styles of dance you would like to learn and how long you want your party to be. Choose from Pole, Exotic, Burlesque, Chairdance, Lapdance, Aerial Arts and more. Email or call the studio to plan the best experience for your group.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in all of our dance styles. Why private lessons? You pick your day and time. You decide what style of dance you want to learn and you can learn at your own pace. Great when paired with a group class to work on specific moves or choreography.

Kids Classes

We offer beginner classes specifically for kids ages 7-13, that teach both Silks and Lyra on alternating weeks.  Your child will improve body awareness and control  while increasing strength and flexibility.  Aerial art is a unique activity, allowing for sustained interest and involvement- your kids will want to keep coming!