The Phoenix Dance Studio

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Choreography Class FAQ's

What is a choreography class?  Choreography classes are a 10 week session where students learn an entire routine.  During the class, you will learn moves, skills, and choreography, then work to clean and perfect you performance.  Students will have the option to video the routine during the video shoots but that is not mandatory.  This is great way to build endurance, improve the flow of your sequences, and learn the nuances of perfecting a performance piece.

Wait… I signed up for a 10 week session but there are options for extra classes?  We get it.  This can be confusing.  You pay for 10 classes but we build in extra weeks during the choreography sessions, in case of staff vacations or inclement weather.  If the extra weeks aren’t used, that is a lucky option for you!  Instructors can either offer extra classes, at an additional fee, or students can pay for practice time until the video shoot.  (This is typically voted on during the last class.)

But what about make-ups?  Make-ups must be used during the scheduled 10 weeks of choreography.  So make sure you don’t hold on to them for the potential extra days!  You can use make-ups in sister choreography classes or in technique classes of the same level.  Make-ups cannot be used for extra classes or practice time.

And what’s this about a video shoot?  At the end of a choreography session, we schedule a Thursday night and Saturday video shoot for anyone interested, to video their routine.  Each student gets two opportunities to film and you pick the one you like the most. We then do some post editing to add a title page, credits, and dub the song over the video for a cleaner production and then we send it to you electronically.  Having the videos is a great way to mark your progress over your aerial journey.  

You must sign up in advance for Video Shoots!  Because our lives are busy, we know that you may not be able to attend both days.  You must sign up prior to the shoot hold a space for your preferred day.  If you wait until the last minute, you may be unable to shoot on the day of your choice.  Video shoots are $20 and include two opportunities to run your performance and a video of one run through.  If you would like both takes, there is an additional fee.

But what if I don’t want to video?  That is completely fine!  But we hope you come hang out with us during at least part of one!  This gives you the opportunity to see other students on different apparatus, cheer them on as they perform, and get to know our community.  Most folks bring some snicky-snacks and drinks and enjoy the show!

Performance pictures:  If you choose to perform, we do our best to schedule a photographer to take still images of your performance.  The cost is $20 and performers will be sent unedited stills at the same time as the videos. You must sign up and pay in advance for this service.

Now the fun stuff…

What do I wear for the video shoot?  All routines have a certain feel, along with the perspective of each of the performers.  We suggest finding something that fits your comfort level, the style of the song, and your apparatus.  If you need suggestions or help finding options, just ask your instructor.  

And what about hair and make-up?  This runs the gamut!  For instance, those in burlesque may really glam it up in the hair and make-up department.  Some folks, want to be more sporty and may do a little less.  However, we do suggest using more make-up than is typical, to accentuate your features for the camera.